Speakers Bureau  Holocaust survivors, children of survivors and liberators of Holocaust victims are available to visit classrooms, school assemblies and community organizations to speak about their experiences.


Liz lgra, President and founder of CVHEN, retired educator and a Holocaust survivor, has spoken about her life to many groups over the years. In her current position, Liz continues to tell her story to people of all ages and interests, from elementary school and college students, from rabbis and congregations, to professional groups and civic organizations. 


Some of the members of our Sacramento 2nd Generation Group 

Some of the members of our Sacramento 2nd Generation Group 

2nd Generation Group

As the number of Holocaust survivors dwindles, it is increasingly important that adult children of Holocaust survivors give voice to their parents' personal experiences. In 2012, the CVHEN 2nd Generation Speakers Bureau was established. CVHEN can now provide 2nd Generation speakers who can help put their parents' stories into historical context for a variety of audiences. They also offer an additional narrative of how the legacy of the Holocaust affects subsequent generations.

Are you a child of a Holocaust survivor? Consider joining our 2nd Generation Group. There’s no membership fee and attendance is free. The group meets monthly in members’ homes and is facilitated by Maria Winkler and David Komar. Members choose monthly topics of mutual interest, invite speakers, or present a personal story.

If you are interested in attending these meetings, contact Maria Winkler at mpwinkler@yahoo.com.


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